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There are a lot of programs like AutoBlog Samurai that can help you build a nice network of niche blogs. After seeing all the hype and videos from autoblog samurai’s creator and getting countless emails promoting it, I decided to see if it could help my business. This is only one opinion and an honest review of one experience.

autoblog samurai

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Now, the videos are incredible and definitely sell the product, which in summary is a series of software applications that automatically posts targeted keyword content through rss feeds and affiliate feeds for you based on your keywords. The creator attempts to explain everything and also shows the software actually pulling up data ready to post and then posts it to his blogs. Presto, it works! When you see this, you will get excited as if this happened on your blogs, life would be quite a bit simpler.

So, after you pay for your product through an affiliate link, you get through the upsells and then to the page to download your software. This should go smoothly and then you are ready to begin the tutorials. The autoblog samurai videos go beyond expectations as they explain step by step how to use and get the most from the software. The creator seems genuine and attempts to make sure you understand, both novice and intermediate levels.

It begins with keyword selections and that tool seems great on the tutorial video, you’ll get enthused by this. Afterward, each tutorial video shows how to pull up keyword rich feeds from many sources and then post them to your blogs. You may begin to see dollar signs just watching the videos. Take the time to watch each one to be able to work with the software though, and go through all of them.

Finally you are ready to try your own luck with AutoBlog Samurai. Here is where the reality may bite. Though it seems to work on the videos, it may not run properly on your system as it it web based and not a plugin application to wordpress. The keyword tool would not run as the captcha box was not popping up. Try again and again, nothing. OK, it’s only one thing, I’ll just get with support and move on.

Next, you set up your blog and are ready to autoblog it, going step by step and entering all the correct things into the software. Running it you get – nothing. You may find that it will not pull up your feeds and is blocked again. The concern is that there is none of this in the videos and it appears to be flawless. Frustration sets in. Each feed should come up for you, then you could select your choices and post them according to the intervals. In a perfect world or one that the creator paints, that would be the case. But warning, that it may not happen. If it does, your system may be set up exactly as the creator’s is, which in reality is unlikely.

I was able to pull up Amazon feeds, which gave me some hope. Yet, they never posted to my blog, which ended that thrill. The support is probably good for AutoBlog Samurai, but it takes too long, as in three days at least, which no one has time to wait for. After getting a response, I was greeted with excuses as to the keyword tool being in beta and not ready yet. Also the fact that firewalls are likely blocking the feeds from coming through. This is not a good thing. There is no FAQ to help you with these issues, nor would most people want to reconfigure their system and remove all their protection to accommodate one software application.

So, even though I think that Autoblog Samurai is an incredible product in theory and can really help you begin to make money on the web with niche marketing through affiliate programs, it may not be completely done ‘cooking’ yet. It seems slightly buggy at this point and needs refinement before it is smooth and the next best thing since sliced bread. If you can get it running as the creator does on your computer, you should have a great asset and it is well worth the cost of the package.

The jury is then still out on this one. It does have a lot of potential and is not a scam, it just may not be ready to run all the way yet. Take a look at it here: AutoBlog Samurai. It may be just fine with your system and help you create some income online.

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Info Product Killer Review – Scam or Not?

So you are wondering if Info Product Killer or IPK 2010 is the real deal or a scam?

Info Product Killer Review

Review Info Product Killer Here

This is a brief Info Product Killer Review to help you decide if this course on mini site niche marketing, primarily through Amazon, is worth a look to help you develop your own powerful marketing pages as an affiliate.

What you will find is an impressive series of PDF instructions and step-by-step videos with Info Product Killer that will help you through each part of setting your own sites up and profiting from them. This package is not light on content and you get quite a bit of information for the low price overall. There are also free links to helpful software and even videos on how to use those applications, so IPK delivers on content.

You will benefit from the many angles like locating those hot niches, ‘on page’ SEO for maximum page ranking and you’ll get the page by page templates to basically give you the whole setup on a silver platter. There is much more to IPK as well, almost too much to list with this info product killer review, which is a good thing. The creator also gives you ideas from actual life experiences of what will and will not work and how things are best set up. This includes a 2010 Christmas Gifts site marketing plan as well, this section alone is worth more than the entire cost.

Use the ideas and videos to learn how to use SEO to rank in Google for a specific niche and use that to create sales from your website traffic. You also get link building strategies and to drive that traffic to you. All this comes with the membership along with updates on new hot niches and much more.

The only downside, if you can call it that, is that you have to do the work as per the step-by-step instructions with Info Product Killer 2010. A small price to pay for all the education you will get. Once it is set up, you should be good for quite some time and the efforts should pay off. There is a lot of competition out there so I would not expect the level of results that are advertised, at least not for awhile anyway. But, there are not many products out there as well put together and complete as this one.

If you are ready to dive into niche marketing and willing to do what it takes to rank in Google, then Info Product Killer is a great product to have in your arsenal and I doubt that you will be disappointed. Give it a shot, it is not a scam and has more solid information than almost anything I have seen before. Two thumbs up!

Get IPK now while it’s still available here: Buy Info Product Killer 2010

Be sure to get your free instant download, ‘Blog Profits’ Here Now just for stopping in > Grab Your Free Gift

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3 Best Social Networking Sites For Online Marketers

If you have something that you want to promote online, whether it’s a website, blog, product or business, you need to get involved in the social networking or social media sites. There are literally millions of people using these sites nowadays. There are massive amounts of traffic on social networking sites. For instance, Facebook sometimes has more traffic than Google.

social networking facebook

Got Social Media on Your Blog?

Three of the most popular social networking sites are: FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube.

FaceBook is a social networking site that is considered to be relatively new, but it has grown to become the Internet powerhouse in the past couple of years. FaceBook started as a college student’s answer to MySpace. FaceBook now has more than 500 million active users and the number is growing everyday. Facebook today is a lot more popular and powerful than MySpace. If you’re have something you want to let the world know, you better be using facebook to network and interact with other people. It has become a very powerful business tool.

Another very popular social media site you should be using is Twitter. You’ve probably heard of this site. It allows you to make really short “tweets” about what you’re doing or what you’re thinking. While there are debates going on about the future of Twitter, what can’t be debated is Twitter’s current popularity. So, use Twitter to market your business or to simply have fun.

The last of the 3 social networking sites you should be using for your online marketing effort is YouTube. YouTube is insanely popular and it isn’t going anywhere. People love to watch videos and that’s what YouTube allows them to do. You can use it as your video marketing platform. It is a very effective and inexpensive way to market your business using videos on YouTube.

However, you need to have a strategy if you want to be successful in using social networking sites to promote something. You need to know your target market and you need to know how to build trust and relationship. People will only buy from you if they trust you.

Again, if you have something that you want to promote or market on the Internet, you need to be using be using FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube. There are many other networking sites on the web these days but these are 3 of the best. If you have an online business then these 3 social media platforms should be part of your marketing strategy.

If you are serious about success using social media sites, I urge you to check out this article: Hyper FB Traffic Review.
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How to Find an Efficient Freelance Content Writer

Hiring a freelance content writer can sometimes be a stressful, time consuming process. However, preparing yourself with a few simple tips can make the process much quicker and less of a hassle. When making the decision to hire a freelance content writer, it is important to find someone who is efficient, prompt, and reliable. After all, hiring a freelance writer is just like hiring any other employee – you want to know who they are, whether or not they are capable of doing the job as required, and whether they can be trusted to complete their work on time.

Freelance Content writer

Writer For Hire?

Unfortunately, the world-wide web is a busy place and you may not have much time to devote to this process, much less test drive a number of prospective writers before making a decision. By knowing what to look for, you can find an efficient freelance content writer without wasting either time or money. The first and most basic step to evaluating a prospective freelance writer is to review some of his or her previous work. Whether this work is available via personal website or blog is not important, but it is a show of professionalism if the writer has taken the time to set up an online portfolio. It also shows that he or she is experienced in developing websites, a skill which may be useful to you.

When working with a freelance content writer, it is most likely that you will not spend much time face-to-face with them. Thus, it is important to establish reliable means of communication via email or telephone. Make a note of how quickly the prospective writer replies to your inquiry as a judge of their promptness and reliability. A freelance content writer who is serious about his or her job will make the effort to respond in a timely manner. In addition to establishing a prospective writer’s promptness of response, you should also take into consideration their means of communication. Choose a writer who is easy to contact and who offers a schedule easy for you to work with.

By following these simple tips, you can make your search for an efficient freelance content writer quick and simple. Make sure you are aware of your specific needs and evaluate prospective writers based on how well they will be able to meet those needs, how prompt and reliable they are, and how easy it will be to stay in contact with them. If you are prepared for the process, finding a freelance content writer who will get the job done well should not be difficult.

Do you need great SEO friendly content written in excellent English? If you are looking for a content writer that can turn your ideas into reality while still being budget friendly then you need to visit CheapArticleWriters.com today! We provide top-notch affordable content that will work for you!

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In the internet marketing business these days the number of ways in which you can market your business continues to grow. However, the amount of options is so large it is frequently tricky to decide where to begin.

The lack of ability to select one marketing strategy and concentrate on it till you get solid results is the most important cause of the dreaded “Information Overload” challenge that’s crippling almost everybody in the internet marketing world.

You should pick one marketing strategy to concentrate on before adding a second strategy to your marketing plan.

Typically you’ll need to either be well placed to invest time or money into your internet marketing business. If you do not have either of those, it may be exceedingly hard to grow your business. It can still be done, but plan on sticking with it for a long time while it grows slowly.

Sometimes paid marketing methodologies gets faster results. Strategies that are free are (clearly) less expensive but they take more time to notice results.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a marketing strategy:
* How much time have you got available
* Budget
* Your personality type
* What do you find fascinating
* Risk

What kind of time have you got available for your business? Be practical when thinking about this and consider what kind of time you really have available and not how much time you would like to have available. It is usually not the same thing.

This is another significant consideration to be honest about. Paid promoting strategies do generally build your business faster, but there’s frequently a learning process (that can be expensive). Pay per click as an example will eventually get you fabulous results, but it will cost you money up front to complete your testing to realize the ads, etc that work the best for you.

Do not discount this when picking your advertising strategy. If you’re not a “people person”, a social promotional strategy potentially isn’t the best place for you to begin.

What You Like
The network marketing world is difficult. When you’re expanding your enterprise it’s important to choose the marketing strategy that you find engaging. You may fail at the beginning. If you’re working on a kind of promoting that you don’t really like, it’s going to be much harder to keep yourself motivated.

The reality is that anyone who finds “another big thing” will make a large amount of money. The fellows who were the first on the network marketing scene at Google PPC are examples. They started with it before any person else, worked out the simple way to use it and built their businesses extremely fast, inexpensively and easily. As everybody else joined them, it became harder to duplicate their same success.

If you’re a gambler, have the time (and money), do the research and take a shot. If you find what’s “next” you will be the individual making thousands of dollars giving webinars to the remainder of the internet marketers teaching them what you figured out. Many people think that Facebook PPC is the marketing methodology ready to explode.

Different Types Of Marketing

Article Marketing
For this strategy you just original articles and then submit them to different article directory websites. There are many tools available to make most of the submissions automated. This technique can be mixed with other content promoting to build your business faster.

Ezine Solo Ads|Advertisements
This strategy involves placing advertisements in online newsletters.

Facebook Marketing
This method is about connecting with people on Facebook. You can create groups, add friends & make posts to your pages and other peoples pages to expose your business. There are several different types of Facebook selling methods.

Forum Marketing
Active collaboration in different forums is another internet promotion strategy. You’ve got to be active in a lot of places, give tons valuable and focus on helping folks.

List Builder Marketing
This network marketing methodology involves sending emails to people who have signed up and agreed to receive them. This is most effective when your offer is related to helping people already in the internet promotion industry. This method is really easy to start and after you have a mail that converts well it seriously only takes a few minutes every day.

This is widely thought about as the technique to get the quickest results, but there is definitely a preliminary investment. It’ll take a couple of months of testing to figure out what adverts and keywords will work for you.

This method is straightforward to get started but takes time and money to perfect. Do not start pay-per-click selling without getting some extra resources.

This is an exceedingly complicated technique. You are building your website using techniques that may make search engines find it. This ends in free, very highly targeted traffic. It is tough to do but can have gigantic, long-term results if it is done properly.

Video Marketing
In this one, you create short, original videos and then submit to video sites. This internet marketing method can be combined with other content/social selling go get leads and build your downline much faster than solitary methods.

You need to choose a single type of marketing to begin with. Check out the existing options. Then take into account your type of personality, available funds, time availability and the level of risk you’re comfortable with. This should help you locate the technique that will be most likely to give you success for your business.
Are you frustrated by the amount of crappy information on the internet? Especially as it relates to network marketing? Gail Ramberg is fixing that for you with The Network Marketing Blog. If you are sick of struggling in your dead-end internet business, she’s also sharing a new business opportunity. Go check it out.

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Have you tried any and everything to get the search engines to give your site a higher ranking? Why aren’t you seeing the outcome you want? Lots of people who have new websites try to get their sites to rank higher but they don’t use the rules they know in the backs of their minds. Search engines are constantly evolving, along with the optimization methods that help you rank well. If your main goal is to remain in the lead of everyone you’re competing with and you wish to get on the front page of Google, then you had better not make the following mistakes. If you work on these, you’ll get more positive results, no matter how much money you have.

Making the website with excess flash is a common SEO blunder made by beginner webmasters. Flash may make a website cool, but it’s no good for SEO. While flash looks neat for those humans reading your site, it’s invisible to search engines so your site isn’t likely to get crawled.

Content is what attracts the search engine spiders and when they don’t find it, they’ll simply skip your site and move on. You will get ranked higher if you do this. You can still have your flash as long as you use text also so that the search engines can find your site. You have to have a lot of text if you want to rank high.

If you don’t perform your keyword research correctly then your entire campaign will be worthless. Basically, with the wrong list of keywords, no matter how great you are ranking, you won’t make any money. How can you convert visitors who don’t want what you have? Your focus should be on keywords that are popular among searchers. You have to learn to do keyword research correctly because without it the rest of your SEO efforts will not hold up. Your keywords have to be words people are using to search, and they have to have less competition. And the best part is that there are free keyword tools that will show you keywords that you can use.

Not having search engine friendly content will simply kill your campaign, and yet it is a common mistake many make. You may have heard the saying “content is king,” well, I don’t know if it is true or not but having relevant and correctly formatted content on your site can make or break your SEO efforts. Bad content will not rank well in the major search engines. Your articles and posts should be no less than 300 words and have a keyword density of 3%-5%. Adding your keyword to the title of your content will help with your ranking. The search engines frown upon too many keywords appearing in your content and will decrease your ranking.

Search engine optimization is a brilliant way to drive free traffic to your website and can give you great long term results. And if you put in the extra effort to master SEO; you will be able to dominate niches and make a killing online. Stay patient and persistent and SEO will really work for you. No matter what, don’t fall for all of the gimmicks, they work temporarily and then blow up in your face; if you stick with the long-term methods then you will still be around when the smoke clears.

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However, in the blogging world, we get the benefit of skipping some of the practical rules of the world.

So let’s get to it. You absolutely should be doing these 5 key items:



1) Use the Widget and Links on Your Profile Page to Maximize Exposure. Getting people to visit your profile is half the battle with LinkedIn, however once they are there are you inviting them to go where you want them to go? Using the website links as well as widgets such as “WordPress” to add your blogs post to you profile are a great way to engage people. These people are already interested in you, they are reading you profile. Don’t limit their engagement to what you can type on LinkedIn, take them to other places that can educate them further and/or promote your brand or your products.

2) Respond to Questions and Answers. This is often encouraged to gain expertise and “rank” within communities as an expert. This is very true, however there is also a very important aspect of engagement when you provide value to a conversation in this format. You automatically engage a targeted audience who all have a certain mindset. If you’re savvy, you cannot just build expertise, but you can weave in relevant self-promotion that is usually highly effective.

3) Provide research to a community. This is basically providing a group with interesting data and topics as news or discussion. Similar to the reasons above, this type of engagement will not only provide you an audience and build your rank within a community, it will also make people more receptive and engaging when you lead them to self promotion. People don’t mind being “pitched” or getting some level of promotion from folks as long as they first get value from them.

4) Figure out what you want, then build a group to accomplish it. Most people feel intimidate to start their own group on LinkedIn or feel like it’s going to be a hassle to maintain. Before you dismiss it, give it a try. It’s not that hard and you may be surprised by how many professionals out there are interested in same goals or topics you are. Owning a group has several advantages, perhaps the largest is you can communicate directly to them at any time.

5) Use LinkedIn. Ok, this one sounds a bit dumb. However a majority of people we train do not login and interact frequently. They use it more as a repository for their online resume, which they update once every few months, then happily go about “facebooking” several times a day. This is ok if you’re 18 or if you have no current professional goals or needs. However, if you need a job or have a business objective that requires others, get on LinkedIn! It’s overlooked often, but truly is one of the most effective and powerful networking tools today.

For more information, join one of our linkedInformarketing.com webinars and subscribe to our newsletter.

Dave Albertson
About the Author:
Small Business Growth Expert Don’t you love it when people tell you what you are doing wrong?
Well, if you’ve read the book “how to win friends, and influence people” you’d know to avoid this tactic, for making friends.

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Social Media – It’s How We Communicate Now

If you have a business on or offline, you need to be marketing with social media. I hate to say it to anyone that has been around and still thinks that things haven’t changed, but they have. Not only have things changed, but dinosaurs like newspapers and even TV lately, are not where most people get their information.

It’s fine to use a little bit of everything for marketing to have both an online and offline strategy, but the main focus and future is online with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Social Bookmarking sites need to be on your radar too, these are sites like Digg and Stumbleupon. Social Bookmarking gives you backlinks to your sites through the votes of your readers. If you plan on being around, do not ignore these. Building backlinks is tedious and yes, boring, but so important to getting traffic from SEO and simply getting more subscribers. Back to social media. It is not the cure all to traffic, but has to be built over time and nurtured. Rapport with your friends and avoiding a hard sell while giving people a source for inspiration and a real person to accompany that can pay dividends later. You are looking for branding and the creation of trust. Give away what you can first and continue to do so, the rewards will come around later if you do this the right way.

The combination of social media and social bookmarking is your best approach for the time being. Always include your contact or blog/website info gently into your posts, responses or articles, remembering that no one really wants an in your face sales pitch and that relationships are what lead to sales and referrals from others to you. It is OK to show the real you in social media as people want to know who you are and what you are about. You do not have to reveal too much, but photos of you doing things that people can relate to or be inspired by are priceless. Also, your interests, as long as they are not too political or controversial (does not apply to celebrities or other rock stars) can be a good thing. If you are into a charity that helps people less fortunate or with a serious challenge, let them know. The more you help, the more you will receive back in return.

To sum things up, get involved with social media and bookmarking sooner rather than later and you will be better off for doing so.

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I just went through my copy of the “Building on a Budget” course and thought I’d share with you a few tips that I have found very useful in building my business.

How Does [One] Get Paid to Prospect?

Your main goal is to generate leads for your business as it grows, and turn those leads into cash using a Funded Proposal.
The Entire Process Starts with your lead capture page:
A lead capture page is a website designed to “capture” your prospect’s contact information in exchange for something of value, such as an audio, video, or a report.

As you send traffic to your capture pages, some of that traffic will opt in to your capture form, and become a lead. This person has now entered your Marketing Funnel, where you can communicate with them over time. If this lead is your targeted person and they really want your information, they will definitely buy your product.

Start out with a product that doesn’t cost too much. Let’s say $30, $40…or something in that range that people are willing to pay in order to access information that can help them solve a problem they are facing.

All you have to do from this point is stay in constant contact with them using your auto responder and build rapport with them. This is important because people will only buy from people they know, like and trust.

Every time you make a sale using a Funded Proposal, you make a commission. Your commissions will build over time. Once you make a sizable amount of money from your Funded Proposal, you can then take that money and go promote your primary business opportunity to a more targeted group.

Let’s say, you have a gardening business. You don’t want to pitch people on joining your gardening business the first time you meet them. You would use your Funded Proposal to teach them how to plant better types of flowers or how to keep their flowers fresh during the winter season or just anything like that.

Learn to give before you can get.

Now, they may find your stuff useful and will pay you for it. Then you would take that money and go promote your business in a gardening magazine, for example. This means, you’re not taking money out of your pocket to market your business. I hope you get the point.
Funded Proposals allow prospects to come in and fund that whole process for you. The big money is never on the front-end. It’s always on the back end.

There are several Funded Proposals out there. You can even go out and build your own. However, if you don’t want to do that, I highly recommend you start with one that I use. It’s called the “Building On A Budget Course”. This is a course that has taught me many ways of generating free traffic for my websites even on a Shoe String Budget. Just to let you know, I might be compensated by some of the companies or products I promote on my website. Some of them may pay me a commission if you buy their products.

If you forget anything else I’ve shared on this website, remember this growth equation…

The sale of a Funded Proposal offer = Free advertising = Free leads = Endless free business growth.

How to Turn Your Business into a Cash Generating Machine:

Use this formula

Drive Traffic ==> Lead Capture Page ==> Make money on your Sales Page ==> Make money through Direct Response Marketing (using emails that offer tools, training, products, business opportunities, systems etc)

The thing that makes the formula above work is helping others, offering & sharing value and building relationships.

These strategies and tactics have turned my business around and I hope that you will memorize and apply them for yourself.

For FREE Additional Training on how to get paid using Funded Proposals, visit our website, visit our website: http://www.skutetrends.net
I am also very passionate about helping home business owners achieve success in the home business industry. Recently, I came across some resources on the Internet that taught me how to do business the right way. My business has not been the same since.
I hope to share these resources with you.

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Its no secret anymore that using twitter is the tool of choice in a social media strategy for any online business today. You cannot (should not) ignore a massive number of potential for targeted leads.Are You Using Twitter In Your Marketing Strategy? What is surprising is that many businesses seem to be missing the point or ignoring the facts and are not taking advantage of it. Those that are will be getting ahead and have the upper hand in the competition for their niche market. One of the factors in using twitter is that over 60% of those on Twitter are college graduates and have earnings over the national average. Not a bad angle when you are marketing products that people need, as it helps if they have the means to purchase them. If you need more incentive to begin twitter marketing, here are 3 easy ideas to do it the right way:

1) Begin by doing your twitter use homework. Learn how to tweet, see how others in your niche are using it and learn about your main page setup, what works and what doesnt. This will save you time and energy, trust me. Using targeted keywords, for example, in your bio, will help your potential to be found in your niche. There are many more little “tricks” but this is an idea of what is meant by getting a clue on things before you start. Find some gurus that have a huge number of followers and see what they are doing, maybe get invloved in a few conversations to begin to be part of the community.

2) Follow your target or niche market. Research with the search tools for twitter and find out who is doing what you are doing (or looking to do it). Follow them first and establish some rapport.People will begin to follow you back and you will build an audience of like-minded twitterers that will begin to see what you are all about. That is called traffic generation for free in other terms. Everyone can use more traffic. Build your follower list slowly over time and as it grows your reach into that niche increases.

3) Tweet often and provide value. Do not send a bunch of sales pitches on “how we all can make a million dollars in 20 minutes or less”. As mentioned, these are college grads and many can spot shady ideas a mile away. Get a blog going if you dont have one and write articles when you can that will be valuable to your followers. Tweet with a link to your content instead of a sales page.The article can be linked here and there to promote your useful products, but have them trust you and your mentoring initially, which will build loyal followers first, then provide sales in time. If you do not follow this gameplan, people will unfollow you as they need more than the latest sales pitch to remain interested.

Twitter marketing is obviously vital these days and should be an important part of your overall strategy. It doesnt have to be overly time consuming and can be managed with just a few clicks per day. The key is not to ignore it and to tweet and follow and retweet and connect a little each day. You will be surprised how quickly your followers grow and how your own base of knowledge increases simply by having this useful network of like minded people in your arsenal and in your sales funnel as well. Tweet on!

Get Started Today. Follow me on Twitter right here,, right now.

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There are many paths of Online Marketing that you can use to connect with the almost one billion people on the web. Obviously you need to provide your product or services, but it’s a bit frustrating figuring out exactly what to do and how to do it.

Having a defined plan of action is vital to avoid struggling and produce measurable results. Luckily, there are gurus that are sharing secrets for both experienced and novice website or blog owners. Yes, there is a better way to follow that works in time for any niche. Here are the Four Main Steps to getting your plan in place. First is the need to be found by visitors to your blog or website], attracting them to join your list through a great landing or “squeeze” page, then the follow up system to stay in touch, ending with asking them to purchase your services or product items after building their trust. Here’s a bit more detail on these 4 Online Marketing Basics :

1) Attract and Drive Traffic To Your Blog or Website. Using an strategy of blog articles, posting to forums or commenting are nice ways you can target your niche market. Having your links available to obtain more information into the area of interest can send many prospects your way. Develop a relationship with your visitor through being a “friend” or trusted advisor first and give them some value. Don’t attempt to sell them with an obvious pitch right away.

2) Your Capture, Landing or Squeeze Page. This needs to provide something FREE or beneficial/useful that they can get right now . The message should be brief and make them motivated to have what you are providing because it contains value. On this page your goal is to get them to enter their name and email so that you can build your subscriber base and be able to follow up with them later. They exchange their information for your gifts and mentoring through this window.

3) Follow Up Through an Autoresponder. You will now provide a series of messages or follow up information to inform, gift and educate your list members. Your Online Marketing messages cannot be too heavy on sales pitches, and will be linked randomly to your products or services after you recommend them to your subscribers. Building rapport is vital here. You should give more than they expect and leave them hungry and anxious for your next bit of knowledge. Provide that info through your links leading to a potential sale.

4) The Product or Service Page. Here you recommend something that your prospect can try and will benefit them immediately. It could also be an invite to your mlm or network marketing business opportunity. Do not put this right at the beginning of the page. Give them something of value again and afterwards offer your product or service to them through its benefits. Remind them that they have your services as well that they trust by now. Ask them to make the decision, in a limited time, to purchase. Give more incentives or benefits just by being on your list and you should see results.

Using this system and including the elements above in your Online Marketing strategy gives you a much greater chance for success. Improve and test your pages and systems often.It may take some time as it is not a get rich quick scheme. Continue the article marketing and posts to comments on the forums in your niche to maintain interest and perpetuate traffic flow. Becoming respected within your target market and see results which will increase and grow in proportion to your activity using this game plan.

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If you own a blog or website, you will soon be trying to get free leads to drive traffic to your pages. The good news is that there are many free ways to generate search engine traffic to you, if you master them.5 Free Lead Resources For Your Online Business When you are starting out, typically your budget is small and your desire is large, so take the time to do the following 5 things well for solid results in your marketing efforts.

1) Blogging. One word says it all. You must have a blog or a place to connect and provide interesting and quality content to your visitors. No one wants to be sold on a sales page right away. Give them knowledge and some take aways on your niche or passion. Make sure your blog is on the WordPress platform with your own domain and hosted (not free sites.)

2) Article Marketing. Writing articles for your blog and for distribution on article directories or other blogs will get the search engines interested in you and drive visitors to your site if done correctly. When you start you need to try to write and post often, learning the ins and outs of how it’s done. Your resource box will have your links and imagine those links being clicked on 1000′s of sites in your targeted market through circulating your articles?

3) Video Marketing. Free Leads may also be generated through creating your own videos and posting to sites, like YouTube, which is still free to post to. You need a basic web cam, or one that is likely already in your laptop, which is handy. You dont have to be an actor, just talk to us and give us some info on how to do something that we can use. Give your link and we may visit. Get viral with this and they will visit often and find your site.

4) Social Networking. Get involved in Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as soon as possble. There are many others that will also help and are growing. You will need to become friends with those that have similar interests for the best results. Keep it professional.On Facebook, create a “page” for your business besides your profile page. Promote gently, this is not a place to blast a sales pitch out every time. Create relationships and be a real person as people need to trust you first before they will buy from you.

5) Link Building. This part of getting free leads is where you get involved in niche forums, comment on posts of other blogs and even ask for links back to your site through the relationships built in step #4. It’s free, but can be time consuming.

Each of these methods should be used and continued until you reach desired traffic levels to your site. Then, you must continue them, track, and tweak things on a regular basis. Getting free leads is the best way to keep on a budget and stay in front of your audience. You may also make a few dollars and build relationships during the process, which is another great reason to start doing these 5 things right away.

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3 Reasons To Begin Online Article Marketing

Online Article Marketing is one of the most common ways for internet marketers to create a successful business online. Whether you are an experienced writer or a novice on the web, it is one of the most recommended ways to brand your business or yourself and stay in front of your target audience.Online Article Marketing For Your Niche It helps if you are knowledgeable regarding a particular topic as it is important to be able to give your readers something to “take away” from your article. Here are 3 reasons to begin online article marketing as part of your overall business strategy:

1) Become an authority in your niche. If you can give your readers advice or tips on a regular basis, you will gain respect from the community and become a resource for related information. This increases your list of subscribers as they can’t wait to read your next article and may also refer you to others in that niche. Sharing of your article can become viral, which can create massive traffic flow to your website.

2) Search engines love articles that are providing fresh content and articles are indexed fairly high in the rankings. By doing online article marketing, you’ll get name, website and information exposure and search engine rankings that you need to create more leads for your growing business. More leads, especially the free ones, are always a welcome commodity.

3) Creating access to your links and resource box. These are vital to your success. Having articles all over the web with your website links and information about your business through your resource box creates more traffic and hits (leads) to your website or blog. In time, some of those leads may convert to sales.

So, whether you are new on the web or have been around for awhile, online article marketing is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to your niche and keep in front of those readers on a regular basis. It’s part of just about every successful online business as one of the main strategies of creating free leads by simply giving something of value (quality content) to an audience looking for your help.

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Screenr may be spelled like its part of a text message, but this little tool is sure handy and somehow FREE to use. Screenr is a web-based and Twitter friendly screencasting application that you run right from your desktop. Yes, you have to “sign up” for it but FREE is good…and there is “Nothing To Download”. First time users could have a slight learning curve, but the obvious directions and simple access make it a snap for just about anyone!screenr review

In five minutes, the time you have to record your screencast, Screenr can help you put together a very nice presentation with very few bumps. First you resize your screen for the area you want to record, select your audio input if you need one, then click Record and then Done. Upload it to Twitter using your account and you are on your way. The options for YouTube, MP4, IM, embed and sharing via email are yours for the choosing, and you can opt out of the Twitter sharing if you would like.

Screenr is my favorite FREE tool and the ease of its use makes it a winner. Give it a try before they start charging (as they could) to use it! It is worth the effort.

Click here to see a Screenr I created for a recent blog post here on Work From Home Success Secrets.

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4 Reasons To Start A Blog Now For Your Business

Ever wonder why there are so many blogs appearing online these days? If you are reading this and have a business of any kind online, and are reading about your competition, you have answered the question. A blog is vital to your online success and here are 4 reasons why :

1) A Way to Find Your Business – You need a place to drive your targeted audience to your business and to create your sales funnel through your opt in form. You will give them value through your information and articles, they will then return for more and may buy from you.

2) Keeping In Touch With Your Clients – When your clients hear from you they feel connected and appreciated. Connected is a good thing, you stay on their mind and then you continue to provide quality information that they need and can use. Friends work with friends…
3) Creating Traffic – You need to keep the clients you have, and gain new ones to stay in business. Traffic increases subscribers, more subscribers increases sales and search engine rankings improve (more on that in another strategy post)
4) Building Your Social Media Networks – Your blog will have buttons to inform your guests how to stay in touch through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media. This becomes a continuing source of new visitors and traffic magnet. Now go back to #1 and repeat over again.

Now you understand the “why” of the blog.

For ways to create a blog from the ground (or keyboard) up, click here. Also, be sure to check out a website called How To Make My Blog that may help you keep your blog in order.

I hope you find this information helpful and it helps you take action toward your own blog.

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