There are a lot of programs like AutoBlog Samurai that can help you build a nice network of niche blogs. After seeing all the hype and videos from autoblog samurai’s creator and getting countless emails promoting it, I decided to see if it could help my business. This is only one opinion and an honest review of one experience.

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Now, the videos are incredible and definitely sell the product, which in summary is a series of software applications that automatically posts targeted keyword content through rss feeds and affiliate feeds for you based on your keywords. The creator attempts to explain everything and also shows the software actually pulling up data ready to post and then posts it to his blogs. Presto, it works! When you see this, you will get excited as if this happened on your blogs, life would be quite a bit simpler.

So, after you pay for your product through an affiliate link, you get through the upsells and then to the page to download your software. This should go smoothly and then you are ready to begin the tutorials. The autoblog samurai videos go beyond expectations as they explain step by step how to use and get the most from the software. The creator seems genuine and attempts to make sure you understand, both novice and intermediate levels.

It begins with keyword selections and that tool seems great on the tutorial video, you’ll get enthused by this. Afterward, each tutorial video shows how to pull up keyword rich feeds from many sources and then post them to your blogs. You may begin to see dollar signs just watching the videos. Take the time to watch each one to be able to work with the software though, and go through all of them.

Finally you are ready to try your own luck with AutoBlog Samurai. Here is where the reality may bite. Though it seems to work on the videos, it may not run properly on your system as it it web based and not a plugin application to wordpress. The keyword tool would not run as the captcha box was not popping up. Try again and again, nothing. OK, it’s only one thing, I’ll just get with support and move on.

Next, you set up your blog and are ready to autoblog it, going step by step and entering all the correct things into the software. Running it you get – nothing. You may find that it will not pull up your feeds and is blocked again. The concern is that there is none of this in the videos and it appears to be flawless. Frustration sets in. Each feed should come up for you, then you could select your choices and post them according to the intervals. In a perfect world or one that the creator paints, that would be the case. But warning, that it may not happen. If it does, your system may be set up exactly as the creator’s is, which in reality is unlikely.

I was able to pull up Amazon feeds, which gave me some hope. Yet, they never posted to my blog, which ended that thrill. The support is probably good for AutoBlog Samurai, but it takes too long, as in three days at least, which no one has time to wait for. After getting a response, I was greeted with excuses as to the keyword tool being in beta and not ready yet. Also the fact that firewalls are likely blocking the feeds from coming through. This is not a good thing. There is no FAQ to help you with these issues, nor would most people want to reconfigure their system and remove all their protection to accommodate one software application.

So, even though I think that Autoblog Samurai is an incredible product in theory and can really help you begin to make money on the web with niche marketing through affiliate programs, it may not be completely done ‘cooking’ yet. It seems slightly buggy at this point and needs refinement before it is smooth and the next best thing since sliced bread. If you can get it running as the creator does on your computer, you should have a great asset and it is well worth the cost of the package.

The jury is then still out on this one. It does have a lot of potential and is not a scam, it just may not be ready to run all the way yet. Take a look at it here: AutoBlog Samurai. It may be just fine with your system and help you create some income online.

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